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Best Streaming APKs; Best Kodi Addons; Best Kodi Builds We’re sorry, it looks like you'll need some help completing your order. myPlanError.mainText Learn about Xfinity Flex.


Xfinity Flex (formerly Xfinity Instant TV) is an American over-the-top internet television service owned by Comcast.

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While very functional, this is a beta release and there is still work to do, namely bringing Plex Companion (which allows casting and the remote on the mobile app to work) and adding some other features that are highlighted here. Get answers to Xfinity Flex frequently asked questions. Xfinity Flex: The Basics What Is the Xfinity Flex?

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Si tienes Xfinity Flex y quieres conocer mejor sus funciones, sigue leyendo y empieza a hacer streaming de tus películas favoritas, series y mucho más. You need a compatible streaming device with Xfinity Flex (keep in mind that this excludes Xi5 TV boxes). Alternatively, you need a compatible X1 TV box with Xfinity X1 service (devices not compatible are – RNG150, Pace Xi3, Samsung XG2v2, as well as Arris and Pace XG1v1 TV boxes). Then, you need an Xfinity Internet plan (any level). As usual I hopped on Kodi this morning to put on some WIll & Grace (I'm not gay), and all of the sudden I noticed my internet wasn't working.

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You don’t subscribe to a channel package with Flex, and there is no DVR service. Xfinity X1 is the fancy DVR/receiver that comes with your Xfinity cable TV service. Is the Xfinity Flex a good cord cutting device? If I was brand new to cord cutting -- and I mean BRAND new -- like, I’d never signed up for Hulu, I’d never e Do you have Comcast Xfinity and use Kodi unofficial add-ons to stream movies and TV shows?

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I checked my modem lights, and the internet light wasn't lit, I thought it was strange so I powercycled the modem about 15-20 in frustration, and nothing.